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cybersecurity solutions


always-on solutions to protect your business data

As off-site working continues to grow post-pandemic, so does the need for solutions to combat evolving cyber threats.

Trends like remote work, along with bring-your-own-device, cloud initiatives and the rapidly growing network of connected objects, have given hackers new ways to infiltrate your business. Today, the simplest click by an inattentive team member can provide unauthorized access to your business data, allowing criminals to steal your customers' information, hold your network hostage, and more. 

Version2 shields your business against cyber threats by implementing a comprehensive, multi-layered protection model that includes on-site and off-site solutions. As a result, your vital business data remains secure, your workflow uninterrupted.

email security for cyber security threats


Email is the most popular entry point for hackers, making it critically important to protect network communications from the growing list of cyber security threats. Security solutions from Version2 protect your email against unauthorized access, loss or compromise by removing security threats before they reach your inbox. 

Email Security


The modern hybrid workplace requires a security model that protects people, devices, apps and data from any location. A Zero Trust security model means "never trust, always verify" and assumes that devices should not be trusted by default, even those connected to a managed business network. Version2 deploys Zero Trust technologies to secure business networks and prevent ransomware and other malware.

hybrid workplace needs a zero trust security model
Zero Trust
Version2 manages malware protection solutions


Malicious, intrusive, and intentionally nasty malware seeks to invade, damage or disable computers, computer systems, networks, tablets and mobile devices, often by taking partial control over a device's operations. Like the human flu, malware interferes with normal functioning. Version2 deploys and manages advanced malware protection solutions to keep your business computers safe from malware threats.

Malware Protection


The biggest security risks at most companies are from human error -- mistakes that are completely innocent and, more importantly, avoidable. Unfortunately, employees often lack the knowledge, attention and concern necessary to mitigate security risks. Version2's security awareness training is an important tool to educate your end-users on avoiding the many security risks they can unknowingly face every day. 

security awareness training provided by Version2llc
Securty Awareness Training
version2 deploys multi-factor authentication for cybersecurity


The expansion of security threats, including credential theft, has made the traditional username and password combination insufficient to secure your accounts. A threat actor able to impersonate you by deploying your username and password can do irreparable damage. Version2 deploys multi-factor authentication to enhance security by requiring users to identify themselves by additional means beyond a username and password.

Multi Factor Identification

As a small business, we have enough to pay attention to without having to deal with making sure our data and our customer's data is safe and/or we aren't hacked.  If any of this happens, it will take time away from focusing on our customers. Version2 has implemented new approaches and tools to protect our investment and time.


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We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can transform your IT and support your business goals.

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