Version2’s hosted cloud services are the ultimate way for small to medium businesses to run their technology hassle-free.  When Version2 hosts your office technology, your business runs free of traditional limitations and operates more reliably because we host and manage the technology for you. 

How it Works:

Our cloud services are designed to be ‘always on’ and ‘always accessible’.  Downtime is a thing of the past when Version2 hosts your cloud services.  We take care of the upkeep, so you and your team can simply Turn On. Log In. Work. Anytime. Anywhere. 


  • Technology runs smoothly without depleting staff time or hiring a dedicated in-house IT manager, because there are no servers to own or manage
  • Team connectivity to applications and data from anywhere at any time, whether you have a physical office space, a team that works remotely or a combination of both
“The system has standardized our company so that we are all working with the same programs and can easily share our data with each other.”

Virtual Office

A fully empowered, cloud-based office.

Virtual Office centralizes your office IT by including hosted applications, hosted email, managed backup and disaster recovery services. Version2 takes full control of your core IT services and systems to give your team a total Turn On. Log In. Work. experience. It is ideal for small to medium businesses. An existing office that is using physical servers can easily transition to Virtual Office, or a new business can be set up directly to run as a Virtual Office. That means that applications, data and emails are all easily accessed through a web portal that Version2 provides. 

Virtual Office offers these benefits:

  • Multi-layered approach to security protects your information
  • Hosted service allows you to work from virtually anywhere on virtually any computing device
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime for our hosted services
  • No need to purchase, maintain or repair expensive servers and pay for upgrades to Microsoft Office or Windows server systems
  • Your information is securely stored, backed up and replicated to one of Version2’s offsite data centers
  • Dynamically grow or shrink your IT costs and capacity by adding or removing users and applications as needed
  • Work anywhere, anytime - your data is accessible over any broadband Internet connection 24/7

How it Works:

Version2 sets up your business technology and connects all users. Most businesses can start using their new virtual office within two days. Using virtualization and cloud computing technologies from industry leaders, Version2 virtualizes your existing Windows-based applications and turns them into cloud-based applications that can be delivered on-demand over any broadband Internet connection.


  • Large upfront costs for servers, software, data center space or network equipment are replaced by a standard monthly fee for a fully outsourced service

  • Simply Turn On. Log In. Work. because you no longer need to own, manage or maintain your technology

Cloud Services

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Hosted Applications

Applications are housed in a tier-1 data center that provides application access to all users, on just about any computer device, from anywhere there is an internet connection.

How it Works:

By hosting your applications, Version2 delivers them cohesively to all users. When an application update is required, such as Office or Adobe, updates and upgrades are completed outside business hours to minimize downtime.


  • Applications can be delivered to mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Macs or thin clients from virtually anywhere
  • A consistent end-user experience for each team member
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Add or remove users as needed

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Hosted Email

Connecting your mobile workforce is crucial in today’s digital age. Hosted email empowers employees to communicate smoothly in real time. Access to e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks are as easy as turning on a computer or mobile device.

How it Works:

Version2’s hosted, cloud-based Microsoft Exchange e-mail service eliminates the expense of purchasing, installing and managing your own Exchange server infrastructure. Version2 owns and operates the Exchange server infrastructure, so you can focus on your business, not IT.


  • No servers or software to purchase or maintain
  • Local support from experts you know
  • Data stored in Version2 offsite data centers
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Enterprise level virus and SPAM filtering included
  • Locally based, redundant backups to ensure high availability

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Offsite Backup

Cloud backup provides peace of mind, knowing that all company data can be reproduced at a moment’s notice should a disaster wreak havoc on a company office and the computers that it houses. Version2 backs up your data on an ongoing basis, keeping a copy of your information at our secure data center.

How it Works:

Version2 adheres to the 3-2-1-0 best practices rule for secure backup. That translates to 3 copies of your data and applications, 2 different types of media used for storage, 1 backup located in a different location, 0 errors with verification that all backups are operating error-free. Version2 connects your technology to its offsite data center and replicates your information on a nightly basis.


  • Secure, guaranteed duplication and protection of the data vital to your business
  • Data availability if disaster strikes
  • No tapes to change or schedule to remember, instead your data is automatically replicated offsite

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Reliable connectivity, a cohesive network and systems security is critical to your IT. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you how we can transform your IT and support your business goals.