For customers with on-premise IT systems, empower your business by signing up for our managed service plans.  As your managed IT services partner, we work to ensure that your on-premise systems are hassle-free, reliable and available when you need them.

How it Works:

Every business has its own unique IT needs. Version2 excels at analyzing your goals first. Then we focus on transforming your information technology by designing, building and maintaining a simple turn key infrastructure specifically for your business.  


  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance programs and annual IT reviews
  • Outsourced IT department with support services so that you can run your business
  • Company time is spent running the business, not dealing with technology challenges
“With Version2 we log in each day knowing the applications will be there and that the data is backed up from the night before.”

Core Maintenance

A fully empowered, always-on IT solution.

Our most comprehensive program ensures that your IT is continually optimized to support your business. Version2 takes full control of your core IT services and systems to give your team a total Turn On. Log In. Work. experience. Increased uptime and availability allow teams to work without interruption so that the fast pace of your business can remain just that - fast and functioning.

As a Core Maintenance customer, you receive:

  • a dedicated, senior level technical manager who serves as the primary contact
  • an initial technical review to evaluate your current systems and create a customized maintenance plan
  • recurring maintenance by our consultants, following the checklist created in the initial technical review. Checklist items might include: testing file restores, backup administration, reviewing server event logs and server disk usage trending to name a few
  • a guaranteed response time in the event of an unexpected systems emergency
  • the ability to connect with Version2 for support requests via call, email or a simple click to our online support portal
  • up-to-date technical documentation specific to your IT systems
  • remote monitoring software platform that continually monitors the availability, health and performance of your IT systems
  • monitoring of your backup services and quick response with any backup issues
  • an annual review to evaluate and review your technology needs and discuss any new initiatives and budgetary goals
  • discounted support rates for services outside the scope of the Core Maintenance agreement

Optional Services for Core Maintenance customers include:

  • Managed Workstations: Monitoring agents are installed on desktops to allow us to centrally manage Windows updates, collect inventory information, schedule routine preventive maintenance tools and more.
  • Managed Anti-Virus: Our managed anti-virus service helps to keep your servers and desktops free of malicious software while having a very low impact on system resources and overall performance.

How it Works:

The program starts with an initial technical review to evaluate your current systems and create a customized maintenance plan. It continues with ongoing monitoring to ensure that the server and network environment operates with maximum uptime and availability of your core IT systems.  Our Turn On. Log In. Work. approach ensures that your business continues to thrive, free of IT complications.


  • IT becomes a vital company asset, with ensured team connectivity, 
    systems security and a cohesive network 24/7

Managed IT Services

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Server Virtualization

Version2’s expertise in server virtualization enables us to provide enterprise class computing at a cost your business can afford.  Virtualization maximizes server efficiency by allowing more than one virtual server to run on a physical server.

Virtualization services include:

  • Virtualization preparedness evaluations
  • Server virtualization
  • Consolidation
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Desktop hypervisors

How it Works:

Server virtualization ensures that business proceeds without the hassles of managing server equipment. Version2 designs, implements and scales your server virtualization project to ensure that all company data and connectivity is transitioned to the virtual server securely and without disruption.


  • Server consolidation and improved resource utilization
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved server management
  • Simplified backup and recovery of virtualized servers
  • Reduced hardware costs

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Application Virtualization

Using technologies from Citrix and Microsoft, applications can be virtualized and made available to users when they are at the office and when they are remote. Once virtualized, applications are no longer relegated to running on Windows, but instead can be accessed from Windows PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones and thin clients.

Application Delivery services include: 

  • Secure remote access to your business applications
  • Access to applications from mobile devices
  • Simplified application upgrades
  • Simplified workstation rollouts and replacements
  • Replace complex PCs with thin clients

How it Works:

Application virtualization delivers applications cohesively to all users.  When an application update is required, such as Office or Adobe, updates and upgrades are completed outside of business hours to minimize downtime.


  • Even as the pace of business accelerates, all users are using the same applications
  • For “thin” clients, devices run quieter, longer, more quickly and require far less maintenance than a PC

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Messaging and Collaboration

Simple e-mail solutions allow your team to share calendars within the organization, create and share contacts, documents and more.  Use your smartphone to check email on the run, or turn on your tablet to schedule a meeting with colleagues.

Email services include: 

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Migrations
  • Email messaging
  • Email archiving
  • Mobile access
  • Spam solutions
  • Collaboration

How it Works:

Version2 designs and builds e-mail systems that are ready for the demands of a busy, growing business.  We can also save users time by reducing inbox clutter with spam filtering solutions. 


  • Your team works without costly interruptions as digital communications run smoothly and without downtime or the distractions of spam

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Business Continuity

What is the cost to your business for every hour that your IT is down?  How long would it take for your business to recover from a catastrophic disaster to your IT? Version2 helps ensure that your IT systems continue to operate and are able to recover quickly if a disaster or hackers strike. 

Backup and disaster recovery services include:

  • On-premise managed backups
  • Off-site server and data replication
  • Agentless backups (requires VMware)
  • Backup to tape, USB, disk and/or cloud
  • Disaster recovery planning

How it Works:

At Version2 we approach backups from a two-factor perspective:  we design a solution that is both on-premise and off-site.  You can rest easy because no matter what happens, your vital business data is safe.  Version2 also helps you organize — by centralizing, consolidating and putting your backups in order.


  • When a catastrophic event occurs, being prepared to be up and running in any situation ensures that your business is uninterrupted

Ready to Get Started?


Reliable connectivity, a cohesive network and systems security is critical to your IT. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you how we can transform your IT and support your business goals.