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VERSION2 is the IT Provider Trusted by Small to Medium Businesses

If you're looking for hassle-free IT for your business, look no further. Version2 has been serving the IT needs of small to medium businesses for more than 15 years, providing work-from-anywhere office solutions.


Version2 provides work-from-anywhere office solutions, managed on-premise IT and secure cloud services. We welcome the opportunity to review your IT systems and offer custom-designed solutions for your specific needs, within your budget and timeline, with our Turn On. Log In. Work. (from anywhere) approach to performance and connectivity.

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Hybrid Office

Connect your team securely, no matter where they work each day. Version2’s hybrid workplace solutions guarantee 99.99% uptime and can easily be decreased or expanded as your business needs change.

Virtual Office IT Support Chicago

Virtual Office

Transition your physical, on-premise IT system to a fully cloud-based solution that allows applications, data and emails to be accessed through a web portal that Version2 provides and manages.

IT Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Standardize your company IT so that everyone is working with the same programs and can easily share data. Version2’s cloud services are designed to be ‘always on’ and ‘always accessible’ with no servers to own or manage.

Virtual Desktop with Accelerated Graphics

Virtual Desktop with Accelerated Graphics

Create and collaborate without interruption with Version2’s advanced hardware technology for teams who use graphics-rich applications. Users enjoy a native 2D/3D desktop experience while working from home or office.

Chicago Managed IT Services for Businesses

Managed IT

Empower your on-premise IT systems with our managed service plans.  Version2 analyzes your goals and then collaborates with you to design, build and maintain a simple turnkey infrastructure specifically for your business.

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Protect your IT networks and data with Version2’s custom-designed solutions. Cybersecurity threats evolve daily, and Version2 is on top of comprehensive solutions that allow team members to collaborate securely from anywhere. 



The pandemic forced many businesses to rethink how their teams collaborate.  Because today, teamwork relies on connectivity, not a physical location. Our hybrid workplace video demonstrates how Version2’s IT solutions connect teams securely, no matter where they work each day. And, with employees demanding workplace flexibility, hybrid workplace solutions position your business to hire and retain top talent.


“When Covid hit, and companies were struggling to get their users positioned to work remotely, our users were up and running from home the very first day because Version2 had us ready.”

IT Manager

Continental Electrical Construction Company


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